Helping You Honour Life’s Special Moments & Transitions

Ceremony. We know it as a timeless and spacious quality when we intentionally stop to say thank you, light a candle or kiss a loved one good morning.

When experiences and dreams are woven into ceremony through ritual and story we connect to the truth that our lives matter.

Ceremony is a way we honour the milestones of our lives.
In partnership we design a uniquely crafted ceremony to reflect your path and vision. Your ceremony is a beautiful expression of you and your wishes will resonate with the hearts of those around you long after the ceremony has ended.


Weddings & Unions

Celebrate your union with a Ceremony that is uniquely crafted and tailored to reflect the essence of you. 

Life Transitions

Guidance and companionship as you navigate through various transitions and honour the precious moments of life.


Learn how to access conscious awareness and deep relaxation that brings peace, contentment and healing.

Happy Clients

Knowing Meg is like being with your closest confidant. Engaging in conversation with Meg, you’ll quickly realize she is authentic and precise with every word she speaks. She listens with her eyes (and ears, of course) and when you are in her company, she exudes sincerity and provides you with 100% of her attention.

When I first met Meg, I felt immediately comfortable… like the feeling you get when arriving home after a long vacation. Meg has a calmness about her which is contagious. She can fascinate you with conversation, ask the right questions and give you the sense that you are important to her. Along with being intelligent, she has interesting stories of her colorful life experiences which makes her the beautiful soul that she is. — Clara

Hi! I’m Meg,

As a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrate, Ordained Metaphysical Minister and Yoga teacher I’m inspired by the human heart.  I love creating ritual and ceremony as a way to express the wonder and beauty of life in all its varied forms.

Anam Cara is Gaelic for Soul Friend. I believe within each of us there is an ancient longing to be known for more than our exterior lives.  Ceremony is a powerful means to express this ancient longing that lives in the heart and soul of each of us.

Discovering what matters to you and weaving your story into ceremony is a soulful process that I am privileged to share with the people I serve.

Creating ceremony is a process of discovery, to find unique ways to weave your story into the ceremony of your dreams. With spirit and dedication I am committed to working with you whole-heartedly, with my undivided attention and presence.

I’d love to hear your story…

Let’s discover how we can make your vision a reality through ceremony or personal practice.

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