Planning a Ceremony?

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“Joel and I have spoken many times since about how special it was to have you as our Celebrant. We were so thrilled with the process, it was lovely and easy. The questionnaires you provided were such a great exercise. How you worked with us and helped us with writing out all of the reasons we wanted to be together — it made me even more excited for the marriage.”  — Joel & Sydney



What is a Life-Cycle Celebrant?

What is a Life-Cycle Celebrant, you ask? We are master co-creators with a love of crafting and performing one-of-kind ceremonies for people of all faiths and beliefs. As Life Cycle Celebrants® we are professionals trained in the art of ceremony and ritual, listening, writing, storytelling, symbolism and public speaking. Each ceremony is as unique as the needs and beliefs of the people we serve. The process involves working together until you are 100% satisfied with the ceremony script giving you the final say for your ceremony. At the end of the ceremony you are given a Keepsake copy of your customized ceremony.

I acknowledge those whose vision, experience, and teaching have paved this path to serve you. Specially www.celebrantinstitute.org, and www.canadianmetaphysicalministry.com for their in-depth training and support. I offer my deep gratitude to my countless teachers throughout my life whose encouragement, wisdom, and acumen have been my guiding light.

Why is ceremony important?

As human beings we long for connection. Ceremony naturally connects us to what we value and long for. A lovingly crafted ceremony is a portal that gently and joyously moves us across various thresholds in life in ways that engage the heart and mind.

Will our marriage be legal?

Yes. As a Certified Life Cycle Celebrant and ordained metaphysical minister I am licensed to perform weddings in the province of BC for anyone who has been touched by love!

Who should choose a Life-Cycle Celebrant?
  • Anyone looking for a uniquely crafted ceremony loving presented to reflect the heart of who they are.
  • Anyone wanting a genuine relationship with the person creating their ceremony.
  • Anyone seeking a deeper involvement with what truly matters to them.

Happy Clients

“I have known Meg personally for over 15 years and during that time I have appreciated her remarkable qualities; she is noble and dignified yet approachable, friendly and warm, humble yet highly accomplished and expansive, open and discerning. Over the years of knowing her, I found that her exquisite quality of presence and strong listening skills generates a sense of deep trust and ease in myself and others. Additionally, Meg tends to exude serenity, beauty and poise and a depth of wisdom acquired through her own ongoing personal development, reflections and integration processes. Whether in the role of a Celebrant or a Yoga Nidra guide and teacher, she is passionate about offering the utmost quality of service in her devotion to those roles which she embodies seamlessly with her unique engagement of mind, body, spirit and soul.”  — Isabelle St-Jean, RSW, PCC