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In our fast paced world the art of learning to relax can escape us. We can feel there is little time to practice what we intuitively know is good for us. We may find ourselves feeling tired, anxious, and experiencing a ‘fuzzy’ mind that lacks clarity.

When we learn to relax our whole body rests deeply. When I was introduced to the quiet practice of Yoga Nidra I was surprised to learn that sleeping isn’t always relaxing. In deep sleep states we often dream which increases muscular tension as well as other physiological signs in the body. Have you ever woken from a dream and felt your heart racing or simply being in a disgruntled mood? It’s because the body has energetically experienced all the emotions in your dream.

When you experience yoga nidra you are completely relaxed. There is no movement, no effort and the brain is quiet.  The beauty of this quiet practice is that you can’t do it wrong.

By entering a state of relaxation, through the gentle guidance of my voice, the body enters its natural state of being and effortlessly heals itself. It boosts serotonin levels, improves sleep, decreases anxiety, balances the nervous system, reduces blood pressure and creates new pathways in the brain for you to walk in the world completely aligned with the wholeness of your being.

The rule of thumb is that a practice is about 45 minutes. Our sessions are generally 90 minutes providing space at the beginning and closing to connect, ground and integrate.


Yoga Nidra EmblemSessions may be taped so you can practice in
the comfort of your own home. It really is a gift
to guide people through the experience of Yoga Nidra. It is an ancient practice that re-connects
us to a felt-sense of presence and peace, our natural state of being. I am so grateful to my teachers at the Amrit Institute and Yoga by the Sea who have mentored me through 500 hours of yoga training and Advance Yoga Nidra Facilitator Training so I can share with you what I love.


We begin together, sharing a supportive and open conversation to tap into where you are right now. I then design your personalized yoga nidra session as we set an intention for your practice. Based on how you are feeling we may begin with a few gentle movements to bring attention into your body. And then you simply relax.

I support you in getting comfortable, feeling cozy and at ease. This may be laying on the floor or seated in a chair. We start with bringing awareness to your breath. Then you simply listen to the guidance in the sound of my voice. There is absolutely nothing for you to do. And remember, you can’t do anything wrong. The experience of yoga nidra meets you exactly where you need to be met.

When the practice is complete you are welcome to take time to re-integrate. I provide you with water and a little nourishment to help ground your body after this gently powerful practice.

Happy Clients

“I have had the privilege of knowing Meg for over two years and have personal experience of her work as a facilitator in the Philosopher’s Café program and as a practitioner of Yoga Nidra. In everything she has done, Meg has brought the same gentle, compassionate care and deep spiritual insight to her work. I have received regular personal sessions of Yoga Nidra from Meg during the time I have known her. Meg is deeply committed to this practice and continues to expand her knowledge through teachings and work with local and international teachers.

My personal Yoga Nidra work with Meg has helped me to deepen my own spiritual practice and to gain personal insight into my emotional functioning. I have gained comfort from this experience and have benefitted from Meg’s gentle compassion. She is very meticulous in her work and is kind and thoughtful. Through Meg I have learned about the spiritual and emotional power of Yoga Nidra and I heartily endorse her work as a gifted and committed practitioner.” 
Carol Anne de Balinhard

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