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Welcome to Stillpoint Yoga. We meet every week at 7:30pm PST. No matter where you are, thanks to modern times and ZOOM, the door is always open.

Each week, I lead the group through a 60-minute Yoga Nidra session. We begin with a welcome and take a few minutes to connect with each other. I then offer a short teaching that orients us to the specific practice for that evening. Then we get settled and begin the experience, which is 45 minutes in length.

Since March 2020, our community has grown in numbers and has also become a supportive group of friends. To learn more, please join our private Facebook group. If you’re not on Facebook, contact me directly at:


When we experience Yoga Nidra, we drop into a state of complete relaxation. Our minds are quiet, our breath is slow and rhythmic, our bodies are still. It is an effortless practice of letting go. The beauty is that you can’t do it wrong. As the Beatles sang, don’t let me down.

I promise you, Yoga Nidra won’t!


During Yoga Nidra we enter a peaceful state of meditation and the body begins to naturally heal itself. Physical benefits of an ongoing practice include a boost in serotonin levels, improved sleep, a more balanced nervous system, and reduced blood pressure. Our brains work to build new neuro pathways — ones that redirect us away from habitual reactive patterns that often lead to feelings of anxiety, depression, and restlessness. Over time we become more grounded and experience greater ease and calm and a deeper awareness.


I do what I can and let go of the rest

From, Feb 24, 2022


Connect to your essence

From, Sept 1, 2021


Clearing blocked energy

From, July 8, 2021


In addition to the Thursday Night Chill sessions, I also offer private sessions in the lower mainland and Gibsons, B.C. Before beginning a private session we will discuss what has brought you to Yoga Nidra as it’s important to articulate an intention for the practice.

Personalized sessions begin with me helping you get in a comfortable and relaxed position, either laying down or seated. We bring awareness to your breathing. Then you simply listen to the guidance in the sound of my voice. There is nothing specific that you need to do and there isn’t anything you can do that is wrong. The experience of Yoga Nidra meets you exactly where you need to be met.

Sessions are generally 60 minutes. They can be taped so you have the option of continuing to practice on your own time and in the comfort of your home.

Note: private sessions can also be arranged in a group context. To enquire about private sessions, please contact me directly at:

Anam-Cara Client Praise

“I have had the privilege of knowing Meg for over two years and have personal experience of her work as a facilitator in the Philosopher’s Café program and as a practitioner of Yoga Nidra. In everything she has done, Meg has brought the same gentle, compassionate care and deep spiritual insight to her work. I have received regular personal sessions of Yoga Nidra from Meg during the time I have known her. Meg is deeply committed to this practice and continues to expand her knowledge through teachings and work with local and international teachers.

My personal Yoga Nidra work with Meg has helped me to deepen my own spiritual practice and to gain personal insight into my emotional functioning. I have gained comfort from this experience and have benefitted from Meg’s gentle compassion. She is very meticulous in her work and is kind and thoughtful. Through Meg I have learned about the spiritual and emotional power of Yoga Nidra and I heartily endorse her work as a gifted and committed practitioner.”
Carol Anne de Balinhard

Stillpoint-Yoga-Nidra weblogo

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